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                                         Reagan in Budapest, Hungary


                       Through the Looking Stone in Mannheim, Germany


                                Sunset Water in Panama City, Florida


                           East Coast of Prince Edward Island, Canada


                                Field of Faces in Yalikavak, Turkey


                                         Letterbox Koper, Slovenia


                         Sunset Sky over Lake Champlain in Vermont


                                            Paradise Beach, Bahamas


                                       Lava Beach in Pantelleria, Italy

                                           Doge's Palace in Venice, Italy


                                             Snow in Košice, Slovakia


                                   Castle Dusting: Salzburg Austria


                                                Clouds over Thailand


                        Castle Bear: Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic


                                            Stuttgart's Cross to Bear


                               Kiss the Dragon in Canterbury, England


                                Bronze Painting in Plovdiv, Bulgaria


                             Three Wise Women in Yalikavak, Turkey


                                         Country Church in Estonia


                                         Heights of Bergamo, Italy


                            Intimate Aliens in Bratislava, Slovakia


                         A Monk's Blessing in Chiang Mai, Thailand


                      Inside St. Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna, Austria


                        Atatürk's Birthplace in Thessaloniki, Greece 


                               On the Soča River in Kobarid, Slovenia


                                       Ghost Columns in Pompeii, Italy     


                        Inside the Royal Palace in Bangkok, Thailand            


                            Be Fruitful and Multiply in Kosice, Slovakia          


                                     Plein Air in St. George's, Bermuda


                         Inside Gallery Nedbalka in Bratislava, Slovakia


                                           Robert E. Lee: New Orleans


                            Medieval Well:Kutna Hora, Czech Republic


                               Mustache Monday in Salzburg, Austria


                                   Piazza Santo Stefano: Bologna, Italy


                                Graffiti Vienna Style: Vienna, Austria


                                                  Skyscraping Dubai


                                        Early Morning Florence, Italy


             Quiet Cove on Heybeliada in the Princes Islands, Turkey
                                     Lenin's Tomb in Moscow, Russia


                               Buoy Love: Paradise Island - Bahamas


                The Not-So Littlest Mermaid in Copenhagen, Denmark


                                   Fishing in Style on the Bosphorus


                        Chillin' on Church Street in Burlington, Vermont


                                     Fruit Model in Nassau, Bahamas
         Early Morning on the Charles Bridge in Prague, Czech Republic


                               Strolling the North Country of Thailand


                    Marble Man and Olive Grove in Sečovlje, Slovenia


                         Summer Country Road in Peacham, Vermont


                              A Forest Stroll in Kilingi-Nõmme, Estonia


                    Misty Morning Cows in Prince Edward Island, Canada


                           From Dunphy to Eternity in Assos, Turkey


                       Dessert Table at the Pullman Hotel in Dubai, UAE


                                        Sun Stencil in New Orleans


                          Frederiksborg Castle in Hillerod, Denmark


                         The Arch of the Elephant in Pantelleria, Italy


                                                 Welcome to Estonia


                                  Medieval Bridge in Valeggio, Italy

                                         Bangkok, Thailand by Night


                                     Fruity Pebbles in Assos, Turkey


                            Afternoon Jazz in Copenhagen, Denmark


                 The Travails of Travel Writing in Nassau, Bahamas


                                    At the Market in Yalikavak, Turkey


                              Resting Buddhas in Chiang Mai, Thailand
                                            The Hinterland of Istria


                           Unfinished Church in St. George's, Bermuda 


                              Lake Garda from Sirmione, Italy   


                                   Young Plums in Yalikavak, Turkey


                               Summer Park in Izola, Slovenia


                                            Rain Kiss in Tartu, Estonia   


                                           Misty Morning in Dubai, UAE
                               A Hot Day in Siracusa, Sicily


                  A Cemetery like no other in Vyšehrad, Prague      


                                  Field of Wishes in Prince Edward Island


                                       Taxi Nap in Nassau, Bahamas 


                                       On the Coast of Istria, Croatia  


                                Wat Chedi Luang in Chiang Mai, Thailand 


                             Galerius' Pigeon in Thessaloniki, Greece


                      Looking down on Tartini Square in Piran, Slovenia


                             Roman Lighthouse in Dover, England


                                  Summer Roads in Peacham, Vermont


                              Early morning Perseus in Florence, Italy


                             Peaceful River in Damnoen Saduak, Thailand


                                  Warm Beach, Cold Water in Bermuda


        Jean George's Dune restaurant on Paradise Island in the Bahamas


                         Early Morning on Golden Lane in Prague


                                        Overlooking Verona, Italy


                            John Lennon's Double Fantasy in Bermuda


                            Lake Bled, Slovenia through the window


                     Former Temple of Athena in Syracuse, Sicily


                               Watch your Purse in Bangkok, Thailand


                             Water Boys in Burhaniye, Turkey


                                My Favorite Tea Nook in Istanbul


                             Roland and the Blackheads in Riga, Latvia


                             Burj Reflections in Dubai, UAE


     Golden Gods at Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep in Chiang Mai, Thailand


            Overlooking the Neva River in St. Petersburg, Russia


                      Crossing the Borghetto in Valeggio, Italy


                       Looking up at Blarney Castle in Ireland


                       The Leaning Towers of Bologna, Italy


                                 A Great Bike Ride in Bovec, Slovenia


                                                     Creek-side in Dubai 


                                   Mariachi in Copenhagen, Denmark


                       Fashion Shoot in Chiang Mai, Thailand  


                    Oyster Farm in Prince Edward Island, Canada    


                                          Sunset in Trenčín, Slovakia 


                          Morning near Cerknica, Slovenia


              Looking up in the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, Turkey


                                     Piazza delle Erbe in Mantua, Italy  


                                        Hamlet's Elsinore in Denmark


                          Cemetery in Carcassonne, France


                                         Old Film in Old Tallinn, Estonia


                                            Fountain in Ljubljana, Slovenia


                              Cloister Reflection in Nassau, Bahamas


                                 Temple of Apollo in Assos, Turkey


                                Budapest Castle at Night


                                             Vikings in Tartu, Estonia


                        Through the Trees in Prague, Czech Republic


                         Benvenuto Cellini's "Perseus" in Florence, Italy


                                   St. Stephen's Roof in Vienna, Austria


           Chillin' at Frank Zappa memorial in Vilnius, Lithuania


                          Elephant Sanctuary in Chiang Mai, Thailand